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The Panton Chair was created by Danish designer Verner Panton and modern furniture provider Vitra back in the 1960s. It features gratuitous curves which are great for warming up a room that is rife with hard edges and corners. From a design perspective, it was groundbreaking because it could be fabricated as one piece alone, making Ikea enthusiasts uncomfortable across the globe.

Chaises that are disconnected from their sectional counterparts serve to define a corner of a space while also not closing it off too much — especially with a low back and arm. Given that “chaise” means “chair” in the French language, I wonder what the French call this piece?

Similar to platform beds, a low profile coffee table can alleviate some of the tension caused by higher altitude lines in your design. In addition, they often offer hidden storage that helps to reduce clutter. Lastly, they make you feel really tall and proud. With a modern table like this one, why wouldn’t you be proud?

For lovers of clean lines and modern style it is sometimes easy to forget to balance shape and texture in a room. Knit textures and curves, such as with a knit pouf, help balance out sharp corners and lines in a room. They are also great for abruptly ending an argument.

The iconic Barcelona chair has been adding a modern statement to interiors for over 80 years, and continues to do so. Ludwig Mies van der Rohe deserves an extra surname for his exceptional design.